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Brochures & Profits
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    The Popcorn Shop
    + Popcorn ONLY Brochure Gallon and 1/2 Gallon Bags of Poppin Popcorn $14: Gallon Sale Point $10: 1/2 Gallon Sale Point +Great for those groups that want to offer Popcorn. Order form conveniently located on the back! +FREE Shipping +FREE Startup Materials +FREE Order Tabulation
    50% Profit
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    Poppin' Popcorn
    Air popped and gluten free! Half gallon Popcorn brochure with the order form located conveniently on the back of the brochure. Very popular flavors such a Chicago Style, Cinnamon Toast, Cheddar Jalapeno, Buttery Caramel and more! All flavors only $10! + Free Shipping +50% Profit
    $10 profit
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    Delicious Snacks
    + Perfect Variety of 1/2 Gallon Popcorn & Snacks +$10 1/2 Gal Sale Point -Snacks Pricing from $11- + The #1 Selling Brochure in America! Perfect for Groups looking to offer a variety of items for customers while keeping it simple +FREE Shipping +FREE Startup Materials +FREE Order Tabulation
    50% Profit
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    It's Poppin Time
    8 page combination brochure featuring 43 delicious gourmet items from our gourmet popcorn to an assortment of chocolates, nuts and snack goods. +FREE Shipping +FREE Startup Materials +FREE Order Tabulation
    50% Profit
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    Salsa Fundraiser
    9 Delicious flavors, MSG FREE Sauce! Michigan Made, a new & unique fundraising idea that NOBODY else has! -Made in Michigan
    50% Profit
  6. +

    Logo Umbrella Fundraiser
    YOUR LOGO and text choice! Tumbler cups, Water Bottles & Child's Cups with straws. For traditional fundraiser or buy wholesale to promote your organization's event or school store. Several colors,& fonts. -Made in Michigan -100 minimum piece order
    50% Profit
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    Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser
    Delicious, Fresh, Cadillac Coffee. Variety Pack of Vanilla Creme, Hazelnut Creme, Irish Creme & Chocolate Raspberry. Each package brews an entire pot of Gourmet coffee. Pumpkin Spice 3 pack is wonderful any time of year. All coffee is packaged in decorative cellophane bags.
    50% Profit
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    Gourmet Delights
    Within the glossy pages of this brochure you will find some of the most delicious edibles around including 11 varieties of our just like homemade cookie dough, including kids's favorites Create-a-Kookie and Variety Pack. This brochure also features our gourmet popcorn in half-gallon bags for $10 (specialty $14)
    40%+ Profit
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